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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it. >> wow. >> you can see a few lights heading across the bridge. >> looking at the bay bridge. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday december 29th. >> hi, everyone i'm frank 4:30 is your time. let's get you out the door,. it's team work here. >> how was your christmas. >> it was great. >> really nice. very quick and very cool and we have temperatures out the door right now and it is 42. 30s right above freezing. and it is yet another spare of the air day with temperatures into the 50s, a full 7 days of forecast straight ahead. >> and i'm going to show you a picture of golden gate bridge as well. not so many cars right now across the span, yes, you can make it 0. there is some fog that wanted us to know that. i think some people have this week off. >> it's the 1st time we've showed the picture. >> usually we wait a little while. there's a couple of headlights.
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>> it's earl i. >> all right, thanks, a major shakeup is underway in santa clara as it's no longer head coach of the 49ers. rumors of his departure were confirmed yesterday shortly after the 49ers ended their football season with a home victory over arizona. players presented him with a game ball and then doused him with a bucket of ice as the final 2nd ran off the clock. >> the way i feel about these players and coaches, it's -- this staff, this organization, it's like been the time of my life and the -- a lot of great memories and great moments. >> but this season was plagued by tension between harbaugh and general manager and the 49ers they failed to make the playoffs for the 1st time during harbaugh's 4 year run. >> how about the future for the
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49ers now. fans could find out more today. they plan to hold a news conference around 1:00 this afternoon and expected to discuss the search for successor. niner fans has mixed feelings about his departure. >> they have won 3 years in a row. how do you get rid of a guy like that. >> we captivate the team's new coaching. >> he's expected to be the head coach of his arm mama that. that could become official today or tomorrow. word is 6 years, 48 million- dollar deal that will make him the highest paid coach in college football. >> breaking news from indonesia where officials say it's too early to know whether oil spots and other objects are from a missing airliner. air asia flight 8501 disappeared from radar sunday morning. it carried 162 passengers and crew members on a flight from indonesia to singapore. we've
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got life in the battery for the next 30 days depending on when they were put into the aircraft. >> shortly before the plane vanished controllers denied the pilot's request to change course because of bad weather. it's likely the plane is at the bottom of the sea. >> we have already winter spare air day to fix. we have some temperatures that will be dipping into the mid 20s, good morning everybody, out the door, let's take a look at the temperatures 1 more time. it is 34 degrees in santa rosa. we have spotty areas of patchy fog. , take a look at satellite and radar, san francisco bay area, this is what we allude to as
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dirty ridge of high pressure where the clouds erode the upper ridge and make their way into the area. numbers only into the 50s, shy of 60 degrees today. temperatures running a couple of degrees below average for this time of the year. check this out, we do have sunshine in our weather forecast each and every day as we wrap up the new year it is going to be on new year's eve that night until you wake up on new year's day over night where you'll have temperatures dipping into the mid 20s. elizabeth no little short cocktail dress for you.
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>> number of emergency vehicles. so right now they're saying at least 1 or maybe up to 2 lanes are blocked. i think we'll wait a little bit and may be able to see more flashing lights heading westbound. just a heads up, there you go, for douglas commuters expecting traffic ties right now right around the dublin interchange. in addition to that we also have a dense fog advisory stretches of 101. pretty early this morning between 37 and the county line. looks okay right now across the golden gate bridge. there is is a car. i think some commuters heading in into sap francisco. and over all the commute looks pretty good. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no over night road work to speak of. this should be a pretty easy ride into san francisco and all mass transit including on a regular schedule and everything is on time. that's your latest traffic, frank, michelle, back to you
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guys. >> man is dead after his pickup truck veered off highway 1. you can see the action happened at about 9:30 p.m. in the beech e beach area. the car ended up upside down. crews have been working to get it completely out of the water f. the driver tried to take a curve little too fast. >> there's a glowing memorial outside a private hospital after an assistant principal was killed in a bicycling accident. christian reports from saint mary's college high school. >> alumni have been gathering here throughout the day, flowers. the principal here school has lost its right hand man. it's supposed to be winter break and campus is supposed to be empty. but florida high school
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students found themselves here to pay their respects. the assistant principal and teacher. >> i just feel like anything that will show that i care, that i value his life is worth it. >> he was bicycling on saturday east of sanramone, an accident between 2 cyclingist at the front of the pack forced the rest of the group to try to avoid it. he veered into the opposite lane and was hit by the truck. he died before emergency crews could arrive. >> principal pete got the call saturday night telling him what happened. he says he was doing this he loved that day. >> he was riding either on the road or on the machine i think 7 days a week. he was good physical condition. he loved cycling. >> he said he taught government and asian history at the school
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for 11 years and was set to take over at principal in napa next year. a student absolutely loved him. >> he was a great teacher. he had a rapport with the kids that was unlike i've seen with other teens. he was just extraordinary. christian heart net kpix5. >> they plan to gather to remember a formal memorial service is planned at the start of school january 9th. >> today is the deadline for people to i ply for the federal aid. shutdown its local assistant center later tonight so far the agency said it heads up 2500 homeowners. 6.0 magnitude quake hit august causen -- causing an estimated $320. >> toxic flame retardants this is a decade after the
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government ordered a phase out of certain chemicals an consumer goods including sofas and ma stresses. they have noted the decline of chemicals known as pbdes in the by examining the tissues of birds and muscle. but their harmful effects extend beyond wild life. now in people these chemicals may be hormone and they may be harming its develop. >> researchers also say another concern is that replacing chemicals can also start to build up so they intend to keep monitoring the bay. >> the longest war drawing to an end after almost 13 years, president released a statement yesterday former ending. president thanked all the military men and women who
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served in afghanistan since the attacks on 9/11. he said their effort that made u.s. more secure help the afghan people proclaim their own community. >> working together. >> but u.s. will continue to have a limbed military presence in afghanistan providing training and support. >> lab technician showing no signs of ebola a week after possible exposure. an investigation should be complete in a few weeks. he emphasized only that 1 person may have been exposed
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meanwhile the food and drug administration has approved testing of ebola vaccine. the program is expected to start in a few weeks. time now is 441, a great shark takes a bite out of the surfer of california coast. the lucky break that may have saved the victim's life. >> what's cool about your school over the holiday. you can e-mail you and might come out featuring on the big show. we'll be right back.
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are still trapped on board a greek ferry that caught fire rescue operation is going on, almost 100 people are still trapped on board a greek ferry that cut fire yesterday. at least 5 people are known dead. hundreds of passengers have been rescued by helicopters and other. >> a child made a leap of faith to escape a burning apartment building in alabama and it was all caught on video. >> we've got to come on.
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>> come on. your mama said do it. come on. >> a boy and he did it and. >> i really need to handle it. most running for me at the time. it was just like i need -- we need him to jump. >> firefighters rescued a 2nd trapped child moments after the 1st 1 jumped, 4 adults were also hurt in the christmas morning fire, all are expected to recover. >> credible, a surfer has great white shark attack on california's central coast. he was bitten just before noon yesterday since west of sanlewis man in his 50s was able to paddle back shore on his own he was treated for minor injuries. not close, but the signs are
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visible and they're up. >> because i'm in their element and if my card is up, it's up. i love the waves so much it doesn't deter me from going into the water. >> the shark was likely a juvenile, but 8-10 feet long. it's just a little guy. >> that's a beautiful stretch of beach there. you though, 1 of my favorite parts, because you can find the big giant oyster shelves, yeah, they're just huge. >> not so much but seashells are really big and over towards the beach and going into shell beach and families, beautiful stretch, they have a cross advisory in effect this morning. >> apparently. >> yeah, right. >> and in the water, the water temperature happens to be the mid 50s in that particular area. well, you might want to head to the beach today nice sun shine and been on the hazy side around the golden gate bridge we see some areas of fog.
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temperature wise we're into the 30s and into the 40s just slightly above freezing in santa rosa. here is what you can expect today and for the week ahead. we do have a winter spare the air day today. a bit of haze very close to the surface, meanwhile we have a high wind advisory that goes into effect tomorrow high noon all the way through wednesday and high noon that will blowout that particular matter, nevertheless we'll have gusty wind. over night on new year's eve into new year's day, we'll have temperatures dipping into the mid 20s of our inland areas. this is our satellite image, you see the clouds gathering right there around the bay, this is what we refer to as dirty ridge of high pressure where they're eroding the upper ridge of high. this is the future cast and we do have this really dry area of low pressure that's doing to breeze through the area late night tonight in throughout tuesday. the wind you can see a little bit of light precipitation off the coast. no rain will make it on shore
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here locally. we'll see the recipient as that low stems in to northern california and the high pressure tries to hold on, so between the 2 different ingredients we have that pressure. temperature rise today and into the low 50s and throughout the area into davis and sacramento. otherwise 22 degrees that's a high and greater lake tahoe area, that's certainly good news because last week mid 50s, very spring like, now with 20s, excellent conditions for making more snow in the highest elevation. slightly below average for this time of the year, and into the 50s, meanwhile it is rain free as we exit 2014 and usher in the new year and although we will be seeing temperatures in 50s again over night 20s an 30s now meanwhile clear and chilly for your new year's eve. we want to invite you to follow us as we exit 2014 and go into
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2015 by downloading weather app all you have to do is go to the weather store or app store. that's working all my weather apps. you can check out conditions in your area, search kpix and download the bay area weather app. you'll like it. elizabeth. >> thank you, roberta. >> we have an update for you, if you're about to hit the interchange, all lanes are block and it's approaching that foothill in our last traffic report we saw the emergency crews heading to the scene. it sound like they may some traffic was able to get by on the shoulder. we're trying to confirm that right now. all lanes are blocked. approaching foothills coming into dublin. there's a live look just before 6:00 a.m. and the dublin interchange. we are seeing some slowing usual stuff right now between tracy. some commuters may be taking this week off as well, this week perform new year's eve and
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new year's day. over all we're expecting volume and traffic to still be done, a lot of school is out as well. another crash just reported this 1 coming into bay point. it's westbound 580 right there approaching the exit. you can see not much flowing, though, right now, all the way through that pittsburgh bay point area. minor slowing, in addition to all of this we have dense fog, chp issued right around 3:30 this morning and they issued of 101 between -- near 37 and the county line, so, just a heads up if you're traveling, you haven't seen any accidents no major delays not much popping up on the sensor. if you are hitting the road, traveling golden gate bridge, everything looks great. they're doing some striking just north coming in, but, all of that should be either wrapping up from the final clearing stages right now and not paying any problems on the sensor.
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>> it's 4:49 now at the end of era, after nearly 6 decades of business main chinese cuisine served up its last supper last night. shows how it was a victim of its own success. it is -- >> the place is huge in its kitchen a staff of 40 plus serve up mouth watering and then some delights to room after room after room of loyal diners. but the sheer size of the place is what is leading to its
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demise whatever was a good idea as far as it's concerned no longer is, so just like everything else we -- we have to move with time. replacing the buildings and its large parking lot will be a new extended stay hotel and in about 2 years a much smaller version of the restaurant. >> it's going to be devastating. we'll have to come up with a new place and i'm not sure that's possible. >> we'll make sure we're going to say good-bye and we can hardly wait until they open up again in 2 years. >> it's not a super big deal because there are still a lot of other restaurants are similar. >> palo alto, kpix5. >> cute little girl. it was also sad day for restaurant worker some will retire that have been there for years but others have to find new jobs while the new restaurant is being built over the next 2 years.
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>> sony ice playstation network spinally back online after day hacker attack. outages have been disrupting christmas day. a hacker group is claiming responsibility for the cyber attack on sony and rival microsoft. the x box outages lasted about a day and the fbi is investigating. >> well the interview is raking in revenue a few days on to its big online release. the movie has been rented or purchased more than 2 million times since it was released on christmas eve. that amounts up to $50 million in sales is expected to haul in another 3 million bucks in revenues from showings to hundreds of independent theaters as well. sony is now making the interview available on apple's i tune store as well. the interview was initially available through youtube, google, google play rather, microsoft x box video store and dedicated sony web site to schedule theatrical release was dropped few weeks ago it led to
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and at home release plan. there you go. it is up 4:52, held up on upleap and handcuffs, how 1 passenger's push for more leg room landed her in jail coming up.
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deceased relative's hearse down the street... after a car thief a grieving family in los angeles had relative down the street after a car thief caught behind the wheel. the hurst was left idling outside the church while the funeral director was inside preparing for the services that's when a mentally unstable man jumped in and drove off. family members went after him and stopped him a few blocks away. the service was delayed by about 30 minutes. >> manhunt continues in l.a. this morning after someone
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fired a rifle at a police car. almost a.p.d. ordered a city wide tack cal calling every available officer for that crime scene. police arrested 1 suspect who covered a rifle after shots were fired at about 9:30, a 2nd subpoena is still out there and at least 60 officers are looking forever. >> airline passenger from new york ended up in jail for 3 days after she tried to change seats f she cease suing united for $5 million. jean says flight attendants overreacted when she tried to move to exit row after take off. the upgrade is supposed to cost an extra $109 when she chose not to pay she said she returned to her seat the police were already waiting for her in seattle. >> they did handcuff me. there were 3 policeman that dragged me out of the plane. >> did they tell you what they were charging you with. >> united won't comment on the case. it says federal law requires a preflight briefing for passengers seated in emergency
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rows 4:56 right now. several countries are taking part in search of plane that vanished in southeast sashayment why experts are not ready to blame bad weather for flight's disappearance. >> 49ers football. z i'm about to finish school. and i'm about to start my career. i have two young boys, and i want their mommy to be safe and healthy. having health insurance gives you freedom. you can't rely on everything just to go smoothly in life. accidents happen all the time.
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taking a live look at the golden gate bridge right now, still very early but you can see a few cars, it looks lie it's going to be pretty mild day today. good morning, everyone. >> we have 0 at 4:30, you can see people up and moving. hello everyone. it is almost 5:00. >> it is all over between the 49ers and coach jim harbaugh if in a long ready rumor was shortly after it wrapped up.
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a disappointing 8 and 8 season. joins us live. he's in santa chara with the latest on jim harbaugh, good morning. >> good morning, moments after the game against the cardinals inned yesterday afternoon the 49ers put off this fire and press release saying that the coach and the team had visually -- mutually agreed to part ways. the most talked about rumor came true when he reportedly heading off to coach michigan for a possible deal worth $48 million over 6 years. harbaugh had 1 of the best records of head coach in 49er history with 3 appearances and 1 super bowl. players presented harbaugh with the game ball and then doused him with a bucket of ice as final seconds ran off the clock. >> the way i feel about these players and these coaches, this staff, this organization, it's been the time of my life and


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